Points are awarded as follows for each correct pick:

Four 1st Round Play-in Games 0 points
Second Round
(Field of 64 teams)
5 points
Plus Second Round Upset Points*
Sweet 16 7 points
Elite 8 10 points
Final 4 20 points
Finals 35 points
Champion 50 points

*Special Second Round BONUS POINTS!!!

Second Round Upset Points (Rewards players who correctly pick underdogs in the Second Round.)

Seed Differential Method: awards the difference in seed values. For example, if a player correctly picks a #15 seed to beat a #2 seed in the Second Round, the player is awarded 13 points in addition to the standard Second Round points. (Upset Bonus Points are only awarded in the Second Round.)

Tie Breaker

The tiebreaker is only used to break ties at the end of the tournament.

First Tie Breaker: Player with the most accurate prediction of the combined score of both teams in the Championship Game.

Second Tie Breaker: Player with the highest pick percentage.

Third Tie Breaker: Player with the most teams in the finals.

The Fine Print

All Jett Family friends, relatives and co-workers and their friends and relatives are invited to play!

Multiple entries from one player are accepted (within reason), but players should use their real name. Players submitting multiple entries should use a number in the Player Name to denote a separate entry (example: Smith, John 2). Note: If an identical Player Name is used for multiple brackets, the last bracket entry submitted will be used. (This rule allows players to change or correct their picks prior to the entry deadline.)

Only legitimate player names are eligible to win the JettNet.ORG Tournament. Pseudonyms and false names may be accepted by the JettNet.ORG Tournament Directors to participate in the tournament, but will not be eligible to win the esteemed JettNet.ORG Tournament.

Players submitting brackets with invalid email addresses will be disqualified.